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Dolma Tsundu

Chair, Board of Directors

Project Director, Air Quality Project

About Me

I am a Tibetan-Canadian human rights activist, conceptual artist, inventor, and entrepreneur. My creative work has been exhibited in the Kunsthal Museum's  "Art and Technology" exhibit (Rotterdam), Dutch Design Week' s "Tilt-Shift: Reframing Futures" exhibit (Eindhoven), and I worked with researchers from TU Delft to redesign a Dutch national monument for the Getty Foundation's architectural conservation initiative, "Keeping it Modern" (Delft).  With a deep appreciation for how art fosters independent thought, personal inquiry, compassion, and defiance, I initiated ATTA through a political leadership scholarship to help my peers find power and freedom through their creativity.

As a creator, I am inspired by:

Poetry, experimental music/movement, and the ocean.

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