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Christine Elegado - Christine Elegado.jpeg

Christine Elegado

Social Impact Fellow

About Me

I’m a dual-degree student entering my final year at Western University, studying Global Economics and Business at Ivey. Outside the classroom, I work as a research assistant, specializing in corporate social responsibility practices. I’m a huge coffee lover, and one day I aspire to visit as many coffee-growing regions as possible to find my perfect cup!

As a creator, I am inspired by:

Since I was young, I have always loved Lego! I never had Lego sets with instructions growing up – instead, I was adamant about having a mix of random blocks and relying on my imagination. What inspires me the most as a creator is possibility. As an economics and business student, I'm always expected to consider constraints in what I do. However, I feel the most inspired when I have the freedom to think outside of the box and actively explore the “what-ifs”.

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