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We are ATTA.


We are a community of individuals united in the belief that art and technology have the power to transform people's minds and hearts, and the world we live in.

Together, we work on creative projects that amplify voices, share stories, and raise awareness for a diverse range of issues rooted in sustainability and social justice.


Through artistic freedom and collaboration, we seek to nurture individuality, inspire compassion, and mobilize generations of thinkers, dreamers, creators, and advocates.

Board of Directors


Dolma Tsundu


Colleen Headshot - Colleen Qiu.jpg

Colleen Qiu


headshot_smaller - Eric Huang.jpg

Eric Huang


IMG_1881 2 - Chloe Benko-Prieur.jpg

Chloe Benko-Prieur



"When Air Takes Shape" Project Team

profile - Garnet Butcher.jpg

Garnet Butcher

Mechatronics & Structural Co-Lead

received_214118421217918 - Hugo Bitouzet.jpeg

Hugo Bitouzet

Research & Content Lead

Aileen Headshot - Aileen Zhang.jpg

Aileen Zhang

Mech Member

photo_2024-04-10_12-15-29 - Eliza Popelinova.jpg

Eliza Popelinova

UX Design Member

WechatIMG418 - Minru Sherry Wu_edited.jpg

Minru Sherry Wu

UX Design Member

IMG_1881 2 - Chloe Benko-Prieur.jpg

Chloe Benko-Prieur

Mechatronics & Structural Co-Lead

Colleen Headshot - Colleen Qiu_edited.jpg

Colleen Qiu

Project Manager & Director

dolma china_edited.jpg

Dolma Tsundu

Project Director

Weixin Image_20240620143308.jpg

Yihan Sun

Marketing Coordinator

DSC_0101 - Juan Diego Balestrini.JPG

Juan Diego Balestrini

Mech Member

about - Nicole Bai.png

Nicole Bai

App Development Lead

headshot_ian-5a94e38c1a05ae5cbc6c1577b25cb4ce - Ian Szufnara.jpeg

Ian Szufnara

Mech Member

IMG_20190203_225251_452-min - Rituraj Das Gupta.jpg

Rituraj Das Gupta

Mech Member

unnamed - Simon Pawar.jpg

Simon Pawar

UX/UI Design Lead

Sowmya Malur-ATTA - Sowmya Bhimakumar.jpg

Sowmya Malur

UX/UI Design Lead

NC_headshot - Nicole Cheung.jpg

Nicole Cheung

App Development Member

Social Innovation Fellows

0907FA1F-7F84-4757-B65E-42B9DF4EBA86_1_105_c - Adam Livshits.jpeg

Adam Livshits

Impact Strategy

Christine Elegado - Christine Elegado.jpeg

Christine Elegado

Impact Strategy

F284686C-76D8-47D9-BA0C-1AED0E1D7F50_1_105_c - joshua tong.jpeg

Josh Tong

Impact Strategy

DSC00342 - Klara Huebsch.jpg

Klara Huebsch

Impact Strategy



Melody Copeman

Dr. Naomi Zimmerman

Principal UI Designer, EA

Executive Director, eatART Foundation

Air Quality Researcher

Canada Research Chair, Sustainability

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